A special history lesson for all ages over 2000 m2. Tutankhamun was one of the most enigmatic figures of antiquity, and the legends and beliefs that surround it have left many researchers with open questions that we will reveal to the public this fall.

We have collected a perfect copy of all the objects of the young Pharaoh to give the visitor a comprehensive view of ancient Egyptian civilization, its art and its sacred rites, making it the perfect complement to the curriculum!


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We provide discount tickets for student groups, which can be visited on weekdays for 2 000 HUF / person, on weekends 2,400 HUF / person, and for every 10 purchased group tickets 1 free adult accompanying ticket!

Groups are allowed in 20-minute intervals, and groups of more than 35 can enter the show in two turns.

Viewing the exhibition takes approx. 1.5 hours.

To receive the discount, a confirmed registration is required at least 2 days prior to arrival.

Guided tours per group (optional): 10 000 HUF + VAT


If you entrust the leadership of your class to us, our Egyptiologyst tour guides will provide an exciting, engaging guide to students at an age-appropriate level, complete with exclusive information. We guarantee that young visitors will return home with an unforgettable experience.

Guided tours per group: 10 000 HUF + VAT

In order to provide an enjoyable visit for each visitor, group and school class, please follow the guidelines below.

Please appear at least 10 minutes prior to entry!

Please kindly leave your big bags and backpacks on the bus.

The registration is only valid for the date specified above. On busy days, in the event of a delay, unfortunately we cannot guarantee access to the group; we will try to allow groups as soon as possible in accordance with the available capacity. We would like to inform you that ticket prices are different for weekend visits! Attention! At TUTANKHAMUN – HIS TOMB AND HIS TREASURES we only offer discounted ticket prices for student groups! Individual retirement rates apply to retired adult groups.

We inform our guests that there is no place for dining in the exhibition area, and we can only provide space for a limited number of groups in the lobby, so please arrive before the registered time!

At the end of the exhibition you will be able to buy gifts at the gift shop.



We can provide teachers with comprehensive educational materials, including worksheets on topics such as Egypt, the Nile, Pharaohs, mummies and pyramids. Below are the downloadable materials we recommend for schoolchildren aged 10-12.

The children can be divided into several groups per class, and the worksheets can be distributed to these groups before visiting the exhibition so that they can prepare.

Project work requires internet access so that children can do their own research using the links provided.

Carter - archeology
Worksheet on the value of the tomb discovered by Howard Carter as an archaeological discovery: Children need to gather information about Howard Carter's books and the discoveries of his time. The school materials include short texts about Valley of the Kings and Howard Carter, as well as photos of Howard Carter's exploration work.
Other information will be found at the exhibition. After attending the exhibit, the children should write an imaginary interview with Howard Carter, or write a newspaper article and present their work to the class.

Mummies and the tomb 

Worksheet on Mummies and Tombs: This mini-project has a text on the worksheet about the mummification process and the Egyptian vision of death. Herodotus's explanation of embalming can be used as a source for this. The children can study the design of the tombs and examine the various objects and their functions at the funeral. They can build models for burial chambers, write a funeral article, and edit a bulletin board. They can present the results of their work to the whole class.

The Nile 

Nile Worksheet: This worksheet contains texts and exercises related to the Nile. Kids need to build the Nile model. The group should be divided into two teams, and after visiting the exhibition, the children should report on the Nile. They will need a locking device for this.


Pharaohs – pyramids – world of the gods 

Worksheets on Pharaohs and the Gods: The school material uses texts and illustrations to illustrate the structure of ancient Egyptian society, the role of the pharaoh, and the Egyptian religion. After visiting the exhibition, the children write a detective novel based on the legend of Osiris, present the results of their research on the Egyptian gods to their classmates, and compile Tutankhamun's profile.

Egyptian writings

Worksheet on Egyptian Writing: The worksheet contains a text on hieroglyphics and the history of their decipherment. Children can look up how Jean-Francois Champollion deciphered the hieroglyphics, write their name in a malicious form, and write a letter to Tutankhamun with hieroglyphics.

Short text 

Tutankhamun's short material includes worksheets for the two-hour session on Egypt and is linked to the exhibition's guided tour.